Stylish Detail - Console Glass Table

San-Remo Console Glass Table
If sleek and modern is your style, then the collection of Console Tables belongs in your home. A truly eye-catching piece to enliven your space, console table offers an elegant, stylish touch to your decor. This beautifully designed pieces features a mirrored or glass top and sleek mirrored legs which offer a ultramodern feel.
We are offering you the glass and mirror furniture which is made of high quality materials and every design is furnished to your needs. The elegant design will upgrade your interior and the glass furniture will be a centerpiece of your room.
Sky Console Glass Table
The Console Tables can create an airy look in your room, bringing to it the functionality and chic.
You can place the cleanly designed glass console table in an entryway or hallway for a place to display your artwork, photos, seasonal decor or even a few small potted plants. The owners of the Console Tables can easily coordinate this item with other furniture to create a customized look.
You can choose your table by visiting our website or contacting our team who is always ready to assist you

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