Custom made mirror furniture

What Do We Offer

Custom Shelves

We create custom shelves out of glass at whatever length, depth, and thickness you need. Most of the time these shelves have exposed edges, giving you the option of adding another level of detail to better reflect your personal style. Our seamed edge comes standard with your order. If the edge is going to show, consider a rounded (pencil) or flat edge, as preferred by many as it gives a more finished look when edges are visible's.

Shower Doors

We specialize in manufacturing and installing,frame and frameless shower doors. tub enclosures using only the finest quality glass and hard ware available. Our glass is manufactured from the finest quality tempered safety glass with highly polished edges. 's.

Glass Table Tops

Table top glass comes in four shapes: round, rectangle, square, and oval. Choose a shape for your glass table top below, and then choose options like tempered glass, edge types, thickness, tint, and more.'s.

Custom Glass

We source only the highest-quality glass for our custom glass products, and fabricate it right in our own This means we can be sure of the quality of each custom-cut glass product we make's.


A backsplash adds style and character to all types of kitchen, so we provide backsplash in a range of different colors to suit your needs. Our team choose an option that perfectly complements your existing color scheme, while adding something extra to make your kitchen stand out. For businesses, we add company names and logos onto the backsplash, creating an attractive branding solution. 's.

Custom Antique Mirror

At CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK, we create custom antiqued mirrors that can be hung on a wall or mirrors that can fixed to a particular surface. We can distress individual mirrors to match existing pieces if you have an antiqued mirror you want to match, or we can create something entirely new and unique to match your aesthetic. Additionally, we can apply antique mirror panels to furniture, including: antique night stands, vintage dressers, wardrobes, and chairs. 's.

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. One Stop Solution

    From mirror cutting to fabrication and installation, we do everything.

  • 2. Endless Choice

    We have the largest selection of custom antique mirrors to choose from.

  • 3. Installation

    Styles and designs There are many styles and designs, each one performing and looking differently

  • 4. Best Delivery Network

    The safest and quickest glass and mirror delivery network in US.


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